Sunday, July 14, 2013

two things, one song

Number One: Today is my big sister's birthday. I have to whisper her age because she looks younger than she is, and might be following the time-honoured tradition of lying about it because we live in a patriarchal world where women have a very small window where all positive characteristics are allowed to overlap. HATE THE GAME, COMRADES. (She's forty.) I know I'm freaking out a little bit about turning thirty so it would be hypocritical not to allow my sister a freak out, but she needn't have one. She has been a fully functioning adult for a long time. By that, I mean all of the things you might think I mean. Examples: She has a career she likes, and she also has outlets for things her job doesn't include. She cooks food with vegetables in it but will eat cake for breakfast. Etc. Anyway, she used to really love this band, and got to go and see them when she was about sixteen. That was before Bono became cringe-worthy. It was when these guys were at their peak.

Number Two: Today George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin. It seems that the jury agree that being black, male, and in Florida is just cause for homicide. This makes me sad, and FULL of rage. I am trying not to think about it but my mind keeps coming back to it, even in a roundabout way. I was in the shower about fifteen minutes ago and realised this song was in my head, and the first line was looping around and around.

The thing is, I can believe the news today. Many of us were bracing ourselves for it.

A happy thing to celebrate, and a terrible thing to rue. Both on a Sunday.

Happy birthday M. I'm glad I have you to celebrate today xx

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