Saturday, June 29, 2013

the perks of ageing

It's Saturday night, and I am home alone with Joe. I put a load of washing on - which stopped for a bit, and said ie, but because I'M AN ADULT, I looked that up on the internet, found out it meant an inlet error, and fixed it. I am wearing pajama pants, because I don't need to pretend I am going anywhere, and my hair is dirty and I have done nothing about the two pimples on my face, or my bikini "line", because SO WHAT. I tried to coax Joe up onto the couch he's not allowed on because I AM AN ADULT, and no-one can tell me off (but he doesn't believe me, and is looking at me strangely, from the couch he IS allowed on). But anyway. To my left I have a little bag of chocolates from Vincent's Mum, a bowl of one of the three types of desserts in the house, and a glass of wine that I would not be at all embarrassed to take to a friend's parents' house - PLUS I actually wanted beer but it must have been drunk already but that was fine because there was wine that was in the cupboard because I am SUCH AN ADULT that I can have alcohol in the house without being halfway through it.

Now I am going to watch Sister Act and/or Pretty In Pink, and eat chocolate pudding drowned in cream, and drink wine (and occasionally water because I AM AN ADULT WITH PLANS IN THE MORNING), and fart out loud.

Elsewhere, my friends are at bars, rugby games, each other's houses, movies, and one is at Glastonbury. I wouldn't swap with any of them. And just five years ago, this kind of Saturday night would have made me feel like a loser. Today, I feel like a WINNER.


Off I go to sing at the top of my lungs, and see what's so great about Molly Ringwald. HAIL, GIRLS!


  1. I do this kind of thing most weekends now! And I love it.... not only is it too cold but I just enjoy being in my own headspace and eating chocolate. You're lucky you have Joe for company he he he.

    1. Hehe, I see us with afghan rugs and cups of tea in years to come, tut-tuting over the "young ones" :)