Monday, June 17, 2013

more epiphanies (ick)

There has to be a way of getting all of the benefits of running without actually doing it. I just read a surprisingly good editorial/bloggy thing on stuff about a woman who started running two years ago (from a fitness level similar to mine, ie zero), and is now able to run 10 km in less than an hour, eats less chocolate, plus all all of the other stuff. I want that. I think it would be good for my head, and I know it would be good for my body (although guess what, I shaved my thighs for the first time in almost six months! That was when Vincent switched to an electric razor, and I thought how hairy can they really get? Answer is: pretty hairy. Then the supermarket sent free razors (to only us? I wouldn't be surprised), and now Bob's my uncle again), and yet...

I did actually run a few years ago. Canvas or Sunday had this running guide in it, and it was far out enough from Christmas to feel like I might actually be able to get into it and not have my usual Oh Shit It's Time To Put My Togs On December attack (which always ends in me doing absolutely nothing about it anyway), and I figured it was also a good way to get my base tan. I do like efficiency.

So I started running, and although when I began I was being overtaken by people walking (this is the truth; the guide said to keep running and not to walk, whatever your pace), and the sight of me in exercise clothes would reduce me and anyone else who knows me to giggles (I think I've said before my sister euphemistically describes me as 'sedentary'), and I was so sure real runners would make fun of me that I'd speed up when any of them were in view and then die when they were gone, eventually things began to happen. My ears stopped ringing. My bum remembered where it's supposed to end. My flush became almost becoming. I learnt all of the lyrics to Buhloone Mindstate. And I felt good. Not just the good you feel when the only worry you have when playing strip poker is that you're wearing tog bottoms because you ran out of undies. I mean good like you're at one with the world, equally in and out of your head, and strong.

I'd really like to feel like that again. But it rains. And there are so many hills around here. And I like being conjoined twins with the couch. There has to be another way. Because if there isn't... I'm going to have to start running. At twenty-nine. Lord.

Maybe I could get somebody to chase me...

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