Wednesday, June 26, 2013

little things

1. I was messing around on wiki-something-or-other the other week, and came upon a test to see which Mad Med character I am. I love this kind of stupid quiz, so I did it, and unlike my youth when I tried to rig my answers so that I'd be the extreme of whatever the test was, I was as honest as possible. And do you know who I am?

Harry Crane. HARRY CRANE. Harry "You weren't even there" Crane. I hate Harry Crane. WTF? (I did the test again and got Megan. Too late.) See where honesty gets you?

Mad Men finished this week, and I'm left with so many questions. Why do shows always get so much better just before the season ends?!! What is going to happen with Megan? And Peggy? Will we ever see Trudie again? (Big Alison Brie fan here; she just seems so real, you know?)

2. Bit excited about the underground rail loop getting the green light. It would have been incredible having it when we were inner-city dwellers, but this is waaay bigger than us (and it won't be up and running until about 2020 - who knows where we'll be?). Auckland city is going to become more accessible. The implications of that are wide and wonderful. Hip hip!!!

3. I just started Ranginui Walker's Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou - Struggle Without End, and it's already affecting me. I usually think of Waitangi Day as a reminder of the injustices done to Maori, and as such, don't usually see reason to celebrate. Conversations with my friend, and this book, are making me realise it's an opportunity to remind everybody about the importance and relevance of the treaty, and a time to honour Maoritanga, and that the treaty that Maori entered into was something to celebrate; it's the English version and what happened afterward that aren't.

4. Joe and I went to Long Beach this afternoon for a walk. It's so beautiful out there; the light, and the rocky cliffs, and those dunes. We're not even halfway through winter, but I started thinking about summer, and how lovely it will be having so many beaches so close, and with extra-long South Island evenings to spend at them. Just got to get through the extra-cold South Island winter...

5. Making my way through the festival booklet, and am so, so excited to see this movie in there. I'm not sure if you'll remember me writing about Charles Bradley last year after Vincent told me about him, but anyway, his is a story begging to be told through film, and now it has been. If you think you'll see the movie, I reckon it might make more impact if you go in blind; otherwise there's a link to an article about him in my post here.

I haven't been through the booklet properly, but these are also on my must-see list (somehow; the times for several of them don't fit with our Auckland trip, and the Dunedin programme is much smaller.) So many movies! Glorious.

This one is from the same director as I Wish, one of our favourites from last year:

Jim Jarmusch and Terrence Malick (not sure about Ben Affleck - he always seems to be Ben Affleck and I'm mad at him after Argo, but I thought Malick's exploration of love in Days Of Heaven was mesmerising):

And this, which looks AWESOME:

There's also a doco about Big Star, that one about Liberace (which looks great), and probably about a million other winners. Oh happy day!

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