Wednesday, June 5, 2013

in which i lighten up

I'm afraid things have been a little heavy around here lately. I think I've been saving all of the light stuff for the Dogtown blog (which has also been getting more time than this one, mostly to assuage my guilt from not having brought in any income since February. FEBRUARY.), and then coming here to work through my feelings and epiphanies. It's getting to the point where as soon as I've signed in, I start feeling more serious, and "reflecting" rather than just thinking, such is the power of association. It might take a week to get back to normal, but I am going to, I promise, and I'm going to let myself have some cross over content, because crossing over is normal in life (and not always nothing but a double-cross!). We will live to laugh again.

Here are some things that have made me happy lately.

Olympia Le-Tan's Spring/Summer 2013 collection, inspired by the Spector years. The clothes, and the concept (especially emulating black women; when does that EVER happen?), and the show (during which Ronnie Spector performed; she sounded pretty bad, but lady has earned the right) make me want to go and smash a hydrant so I can dance in the street (before dying of hypothermia; hell of a hallucination, though). I know there's more to think about (the fact that many of these women, like Ronnie, were having a shit time of it; the straight hair), but a runway of black women in clothes for all women is something to celebrate, and hydrant or not, I'm celebrating!

Over the last few years, I've had something of a comedy renaissance. It could be that comedy's gotten better. It could be that I watch more tv. Whatever it is, it makes me happy, and not mad, and that's like having access to a golden goose. Even prime-time comedies on mainstream stations are good; if you haven't been watching Go On and The New Normal, catch them now (I just read that they've both been cancelled). Go On is funnier, but The New Normal, centred around a gay couple, the surrogate carrying their baby, and the surrogate's lovely and precocious daughter and homophobic and racist grandmother, is more important to have on tv. (When I think about it, is the first family show centred around a gay couple?) But the best has to be 30 Rock, which we will be watching and rewatching until the day the music dies.

This essay written by a woman eating like Gwyneth Paltrow for a week has been doing the rounds on the internet and I finally clicked on it (I'm a longtime non-fan of Paltrow's, but am finding the widespread hatred a bit boring and repetitive), and was rewarded with a very entertaining five minutes and a new catchphrase "I have to get back to Europe". For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, etc? Fucked if I know.

The most wonderful time of the year, apart from the actual most wonderful time of the year (Christmas) is almost upon us. The NZ International Film Festival. Every couple of days I find an email telling me about a new confirmation, and I just discovered that the Auckland festival runs slightly later this year so we'll be up there for a whole week of it (Dunedin's programme is significantly smaller). I'm trying to rein myself in a bit as (not having worked since February) our resources are severely limited, but, as with Christmas, IT AIN'T EASY.

This song. It makes me feel like an old person because I remember when Pharrell was relatively young (I played Frontin' on Saturday night, and in spite of the fact they'd been gettin' down to TLC moments earlier, the women on dancefloor seemed to have no idea what it was. Does anyone else remember Let's Get Blown? Anyone?), and because the song's been out since April but I only just heard it last week, and because pretty much everything is making me feel either out-of-touch-old or a-fraud-old lately, but I'm trying to just allow myself to enjoy it, because it makes me feel dancey, and as anyone my age knows, if you feel like doing anything that might prevent fadoobadas from forming, you roll with it, son. And these people are all older than me, and they are dancing like they are the BUSINESS.

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