Sunday, June 30, 2013

I love this picture. It has the feeling of a pap shot in that it's such a private moment; I don't feel intrusive, exactly, but a little bit voyeuristic... a bit like when you see two people in love who are oblivious to everything around them, and you feel like you should look away but it's so sweet and lovely that you don't want to. That's one of the nice things about animals and kids (to an extent); they have that sweetness, and you can look at them as long as you like (I also find the usual rules don't apply; if I smile at the kids, they seem to be more creeped out than if I just look).

Anyway, apart from that, Marlon Brando is one of my heroes (whom I'll write about in more depth another time), and my love for dogs is well-documented, so even if they were staring daggers at each other, there would still be something to like in this photo. My own little furry man is lying by the fire, completely tuckered out after an afternoon pine-coning and then at the beach; smelly, and very happy. Let the snoring begin.

Tomorrow, birthday month begins. Sitting here, warm and sleepy, I feel like the eye of the (welcome) storm is winking at me.

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