Wednesday, May 22, 2013

everyone's a winner

It's been five days since I was last here, and not because I haven't wanted to be, either. Dogtown business has taken the place of my old uni work that used to keep me from reading for pleasure, in spite of the fact I wasn't actually doing my uni readings anyway. I really would have made an excellent Catholic. Anyway, this is my attempt to catch up on some of the things that have been happening.

1. If you, like me, spend evenings yelling at the news and then ranting about biased media and ownership, you will devour this article from The New Yorker's website. Even if you spend your evenings more quietly, do read it, if only to increase your paranoia. There really isn't any public media anymore, bar parliament tv, and it makes me sad and mad and freaked out. What am I missing?!? (On a related note, I can't recommend Google feedly highly enough - it's awesome! I get up every day to excellent articles, pretty photos, and updates on my favourite blogs and designers I've never heard of, which I like to think increases my fashion cred on the Dogtown blog. Everyone's A Winner!)

2. If you're not watching Harry, get to it, man! Tonight is the third of the six part series, and after last week's notable lift in game, I think the series is going to be a winner. (Everyone's A Winner!) I don't need to tell you how poor is NZ's track record when it comes to diverse representation on tv (except in evil ads for evil finance companies, who are all over it with their greasy, non-ethical fingers). When I'm not fuming about it, I can't help laughing at the Samoan names they give Samoan characters on Shortland Street, which the actors themselves can barely pronounce, and the justification they give for dating outside ones ethnicity (high status job or super-babeness). In case you don't know, the title character in Harry is Samoan. His surname is Anglesea, and he speaks Samoan. He is a respected police detective, and he is not the only brown person in his office. He has one daughter, and a Samoan wife who committed suicide. His daughter has fruit with her breakfast. Harry is not a stereotype. He could actually be a person I know.

This is nothing short of amazing, which is nothing short of ridiculous.

3. Potentially excellent movies on the horizon! Only Lovers Left Alive from Jim Jarmusch, and Inside Llewyn Davis from Joel and Ethan Coen. I know. Everyone's A Winner! Hopefully. Justin Timberlake is in the latter (why?), but I trust that they know what they're doing; Vincent heard a review that described the film as Fargo good. I know! We didn't make it though The Limits Of Control, but everything else of Jim Jarmusch's that Vincent and I have watched has been brilliant.

4. Last night Vincent taught me about the Lapita Potters, from whom I'm descended. I know we're all originally from Africa, but it's nice knowing where my people stopped off, and who I have in common with my Pacific friends.

5. Vincent and I were listening to this last night, and I was struck by how good it is. I hate that he wasted his time and talent on misogynistic posturing bullshit when he was capable of stuff like this (admission: I used to be a big fan of one of those misogynistic posturing songs). I was reading an interview with Bobby Womack the other day in which he was talking about Sam Cooke (he was a friend of Sam's, played guitar in his band, and married his widow), and that Sam once said to him that he would see a black president; Sam himself wouldn't, but he believed Bobby would. Bobby, understandably, thought he was crazy. Obama is a disappointment in many ways, and merely the lesser of two evils to many people, but what he means is huge. I've thought before about how much a poor black person might relate to someone who probably has as much in common with them as someone who is white, but I missed the point. Obama is black. Seeing is believing; sometimes believing that you can do something, too.

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