Wednesday, April 17, 2013

from my bedroom window

a week ago. It's funny how something beautiful and temporary makes you, even subconsciously, aware of your mortality. Or is that just me? This kind of beauty has always made me feel a little sad, even before I knew why. Perhaps because of all the reading and the dreaming, I've always been painfully aware of how temporary everything is, and the impending end.

Maybe that's why I like being drunk so much. It puts me in the moment, and I have very little thought for tomorrow, or the temporary nature of anything. Endings, if I think of them, don't scare me; they're for another time - real time. It makes sense, then, to drink to celebrate; the moment freezes. Drinking when sad? The moment loses long-term significance.

This wasn't going to be about drinking at all, but I've forgotten what it was going to be about. Oh well.

May the marriage equality bill pass, with a vast majority.

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