Friday, April 5, 2013

Cakes, furs, and being a shut-in

Hmm, I was away a lot longer than I meant to be. Also, I've taken so long to do the three most important things on my list of things to do today (get dressed, bake cakes, have husband take me to buy beautiful fur coat ready for my not exactly imminent birthday), that there's not really enough time for a proper post. I must say, though, I did a hell of a job getting dressed today; socks and everything.

I've only eaten the bits I could get away with (one of the problems with baking cakes for people; you can't really try them), but the first cake is delicious. DELICIOUS. Which doesn't surprise me at all, because I got it from Molly of Orangette's cookbook which I have been meaning to tell you all about (and convince you to buy it). It's called The Winning Hearts And Minds Cake, and is the last recipe in the book, but until you buy it (and you really want to; it's much more than just recipes), you can find it here on her blog. As an added incentive to look at it, I'll tell you now that it has 200g of chocolate, 200g of butter, and five eggs. Five. I've made it for Vincent's sister's 40th birthday tomorrow, and only having met her and her partner twice, I guess it wouldn't hurt to win their hearts and minds with the cake; I simply haven't had time to do it on my own, and will probably be so intent on filling my own heart and mind with alcohol tomorrow before the gig (Paul Simon! Supported by Rufus Wainwright! And... Aaradhna!) that winning hearts and minds might be a bit beyond my capabilities.

The other cake is a bit sad. There has to be another cake (and, having tried the former, I'm happy that there are less of us to share it, and am thinking about making a second anyway - we have the eggs, though not the chocolate) because Vincent is allergic to egg, and his younger sister and her partner are vegan. Being someone who loves butter and milk as much as I hate Fonterra, vegan baking isn't very rewarding for me. Nonetheless, I found this recipe on the Good website, and believed the nice lady when she said it was the nicest she had made in a while. I do feel sorry for vegans; they're making the world better, and we thank them with shitty recipes. From what I've tried from the bottom of the pan, this cake is gross, and the answer to the other lady's question about vinegar is not white. I can taste it, and I don't even think the ganache is going to sort that one out. Also, after following the recipe so carefully, I went and greased the cake tin with fucking butter. I know I'm going to have to own up. Bloody hell.

This was not supposed to be about cakes (I name my posts after writing them, usually), and you may hate cakes, and baking, and reading about cakes, and baking, in which case I apologise (and in an actual, meaningful way; not like that arsewipe in Palmerston North, and every other right-wing politician whoever says sorry when they're not), so I'll go before I get onto other subjects that are topical for me (subsiding rashes, picking up dog poo, and trademe), and leave you with  the truly inimitable Elvis (though many try). Need to get out more? Don't I know it.

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