Saturday, March 30, 2013


I have so much to do this morning - our friends arrive this afternoon! but I had to post this song, of which I just can't get enough at the moment. This is what pop should sound like; music you want to play over and over on your walkman, and dance your way to the dairy for a dollar mix. I love her style, and the dancers (Paris!), and the guy they chose to be the great man.

Things might be quiet around here for the next few days as I will be busy talking, sightseeing, daytime drinking and holding a beautiful baby... But you have to forgive me because I am actually going to have friends. Here in Dunedin. So I have to show them off to the city so everyone knows it's okay to talk to me and Vincent; we do u-turns at dangerous spots (still getting a grip on the one-ways), but we're okay.

Happy easter loves!

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