Sunday, March 24, 2013


1. Looking at these beautiful things from Isa Arfen via size too small, and wondering if maybe I am ready to embrace being the kind of grown up lady who wears pointed heels and undies that don't show.

2. Some extremely confronting stuff about racist casting in runway shows on - you guessed it - my good mate Jezebel this week. 

Nicoli, who with Anana casts Gucci and Saint Laurent, among others, explains that the lack of diversity at the Gucci show isn't intentionally racist — it's just because Gucci seeks a certain kind of beauty, and, in their opinion, that kind of beauty just happens to be possessed almost exclusively by white models.

That's Barbara Nicoli, blight on the earth, general fuckwit, and minion of Frida Gianni (who I have to say just looks like a nasty piece of work - did you see the shoot of her and James Franco a few years back, when they "collaborated"? It made me need to poo).

3. Osmosis. It's a powerful thing. I like to think that I resist trends, but I know that a person engaging with a world that embraces trends can't help but be influenced by them; little things like what's readily available, and then bigger things, like wondering if a counter-reaction to a trend might still be the trend. Hmm. Anyway, I bought an oversized coat last week (which I discovered yesterday has a cigarette burn in the back - that explains why it was in the $2 section), and there is no way I would have thought anything except My Head Looks Like The Top Of A Bowling Pin except for pictures of women like this, on The Sartorialist. No person is an island etc etc.

4. I called this FASHION because it made me think of Bowie, and it made me laugh a bit. I love clothes, think about what to wear for too long, notice what other people are wearing before noticing if they have sleep in their eye etc. But sometimes it just feels like a very funny joke, in the greater scheme of things.

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