Thursday, January 31, 2013

one love

I heard this song for the first time on Monday evening. I was on the couch; it was a bit after five in the evening, and I was still in my boxers and hadn't brushed my teeth, and I was about to watch Bridesmaids. I'd been feeling a bit funny all day; verging on the kind of pre-menstrual where you hate yourself, so I'd been trying to take it really easy, and just doing my own thing. I was certainly emotional; but I'm emotional whether I'm getting my period or not. Everything seems to go to my blood.

This made me cry. It's very simple, which I might usually think lazy, but when the message is this important, is perfect. It's unashamedly emotive, and probably a bit cheesy, but it has to be.

I feel strongly about many, many things, but I feel particularly strongly about marriage equality. I know I've written about it before. It's just that it's not enough for me to just express how I feel when I vote, or when people are talking about it. People who oppose marriage equality don't wait to be asked; their feelings seems to burn a hole in them, and every time they say what they think, a bit of the humanity in the world is smothered. So I want to say again, loudly: MARRIAGE SHOULD BE FOR EVERYBODY. 


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  1. woohoo! go equality! inequality just doesn't make sense; it's a lie. and i know what you mean about being emotional even when you're not premenstrual. i am emotionally OTT round the clock