Thursday, December 6, 2012

Workers' Christmas

This is just a short note that I wanted to be separate from the rest of today's post.

Today it was announced that the government is taking legal advice on introducing corporate manslaughter. Theoretically, this criminal charge would protect workers' safety by holding organisations accountable when their negligence results in death. That makes me really happy, even though it is too late for many workers, like the Pike River miners, and the people in the CTV building.

Today two men died as a result of the tornado in Auckland. They were construction workers, building a new secondary school, and were both only in their twenties.

Death is inevitable, and never easy. But when people die when they are doing their jobs... it just makes me feel so sad, and so mad. Every/any day will be heart-breaking for their families, but I still really wish it wasn't Christmas in a few weeks.

This song is my tribute to those men.

update: yesterday's news confirmed it was three men working on the school, one of whom was twenty-two, and the others forty-two, and sixty.

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