Monday, December 10, 2012

The Wrong Star

Who knew those weren't rocks?! Today we hit rock-bottom, but after two litres of fluid pumped into me by IV (miracle stuff), and my first proper meal since Saturday (which my beloved did not have to feed me, as he has been doing), and antibiotics, I think we're on to greener pastures. You got it, pal.

Last night we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas (and The Snowman, but that's barely worth mentioning), and I loved it. I've been getting really angry seeing ads on tv for really expensive shit that is supposed to be reasonable Christmas expenditure; $300 headphones, and I don't even know how much for those hideous pandora bracelets. And it makes me feel sad knowing that some people will believe that these things are reasonable, and that what they can afford is inadequate. I've spent entire holiday pays on Christmas presents in the past, and when I look back, it just seems crazy. I just wanted to give, but I didn't realise I could tone it down, and that it would still be Christmas. It seemed worth it to me at the time - and maybe it was, but it wasn't right. "From each according to his/her ability" applies to so many things, and presents are one. And when you know someone isn't giving you more than they can, you don't feel wrong about accepting it, or giving them what you can.

I'm not really up to writing what I wanted to about what I think Christmas is about, so I'll do that another time, and let Billy say his bit.

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