Sunday, December 2, 2012

Delayed News

I know I promised to come back on Friday to tell you what I was so stressed about, but then life got in the way, and I had to take myself off the grid yesterday to focus Missy's 8th birthday (and not throwing up at it) (success, although arriving early to help was a shameful fail. However, one does not often buy their first house).

Yes, friends. Vincent and I have bought ourselves a house. Furthermore, said house in not in my beloved Auckland. We are "taking time by the fetlock", and moving my teacups, records, coats (most necessary), and books to Port Chalmers.

I hear the Where? Port Chalmers is a small community about ten minutes from Dunedin's city centre, but although it is so close, it is its own distinct place, and if you wrote to me and put Dunedin on the envelope, I wouldn't get the letter.

My little house has views from three sides, and a lovely big yard where I can grow vegetables if gardening should suddenly become an appealing way to spend my time, but where I'm really more likely to lie on the grass when it's sunny and have naps with my dog. When I wake up in the morning and open the curtains, I will see Back Beach. When I go to the kitchen to make tea, I will see Dunedin Harbour. It's going to be very strange seeing things that are green, and blue, and grey, and not the off-white walls of my apartment building, and the windows of the apartments across the light-well.

Right now, I feel very odd about the move. I feel lovely about my house; having a house, and such a perfect little one that I can paint, and have space to put up pictures, and enough distance from my neighbours that I can play music without closing the windows. But I feel sad, and scared, and strange about leaving my home, and transplanting myself to a place where I know four people.

However, I have a house. And I don't know why, but when I think about it, this song comes to mind. It could be simply because it's a work of genius. Or it could be because I am about to branch out, and I hope it turns out as well as it did for Jack and Meg. (Professionally, of course.)


  1. AM SO STOKED for you guys! This sounds so perfect for you in every way. I even just love the way Port Chalmers rolls off the tongue. I imagine fishermen with beautiful stories of the sea and camraderie. Your teacups and typewriters will be right at home. I will miss you!!! The shop will miss you too I'm sure! Please invite me to the leaving dinner/party please! Haha. And keep us updated about what goes on down there in Port Chalmers.... the locals and whatnot...

    1. Definitely, definitely about the leaving party/dinner! Also, we want you to come to the unofficial Christmas party! Details to come. I love how it rolls off the tongue too, although the original name was Koputai, and I feel a bit wrong about that... But "Port" sounds so industrial! I will find some fishermen and hear their stories (I will have no friends!), and my children can grow up to be wharfies! I will miss you very much; remember you are welcome anytime - you and Ngahuia could come together? And Eric of course! Thank you for such a lovely message xoxo

  2. Oh and I played the song, I really liked the way it made me feel and I think it's a damn fine song/feeling to be reminded of when embarking on a new stage in life. You're living the dream!