Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

I think we're going to make it.

I had a glass of wine with lunch (rose, which I don't actually like that much, but seemed more festive than just red or white), in spite of having every intention of getting messy tonight with the girls from work (last year's Bowie impression and Vincent and me falling through one of our chairs being a tough act to follow), and it's made my head a bit fuzzy, but I wanted to show you this video that Vincent showed me yesterday. We've pretty much finished our shopping; all but one present is wrapped and under the tree, which I would like to show you but can't be bothered getting off the bed to take a picture. I've made my cards, although the Kama Sutra Christmas concept came off more creepy than funny... maybe time to buy a new book to tear up, and accept the fact that not everybody finds eighties sex against trees and kitchen benches hilarious.

Vincent and I have caught up with pretty much everyone, including each other. One of the stink things about the lead-up to Christmas is how busy we both get with work, and then all the catching up with everything else we have to do when we should be doing our usual things. There are so many inconsistencies and hypocrisies about the season that seem so wrong but are also so unavoidable. We were talking earlier about when I was a theist child and demanded to be taken to church on Christmas day. It seemed so peculiar - and still does, in spite of my atheism - that Christians wouldn't go to church/their "Father's House" on Christmas Day/"Jesus' birthday" to say Yo God, thanks for sending Jesus, and Yo Jesus, thanks for leaving heaven to come to our shitty place and then let us kill you. I remember being taken one year, by my long-suffering sister, because everyone else was cooking, and then fainting during a hymn at the beginning of the service and having to be taken home. She thought I was trying to look at something in the pew in front of us and tried to stop me by hissing my name, until it became clear that if she didn't catch me church was going to see some Christmas gymnastics and probably some festive injury.

Anyway, I have less than an hour to nap, hydrate, and pretty myself up, so off I go. Enjoy this, and please will someone else wear red over the next few days? Thanks.

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