Friday, December 14, 2012

Bad Mother.

I don't mean a bad mother like James Brown. I mean forget-your-kid's-in-the-car-while-you're-having-a-cup-of-tea-with-your-sister, bad mother. Yesterday my blog turned two. I had planned to celebrate here, with a special post and maybe some sparkling grape juice since I am off the turps for another five days (no Christmas happening here), but instead I came home and fell asleep. It's not quite the same the day after, but I do want to say thank you to all of you guys who come back week after week and read my blog. This thing has become really important to me, and I love doing it.

The other bad mother is mother nature, although her bad mothering might have something to do with our (we in developed countries) bad behaviour. Whatever the cause, she is wreaking havoc across the Pacific, and yesterday hit Samoa in the form of yet another cyclone. Places Vincent and I saw and loved only a few months ago are broken and flooded, and so, so sad. We don't know about the people we met: the staff at Aggie's who were so good to us, the little girls selling the seafood we couldn't make out, the kids near Scoops.  We don't know about the people we saw: the children walking home from school, men with containers slung over their shoulders on their way to the markets, the women sitting near the kitchen at the hotel talking about us when we sloshed back from the pool.

This is how the seawall looked then. Pictures I've seen today show the driveway to Aggie's covered in deep, brown water. The driveway slopes downwards to the hotel, which is lower than the street, and on that level is the fale restaurant that was was just redone last year, the pool, and the ground floor of rooms and guest fale. As long as guests are there, staff will be taking care of them, in spite of having their own families, and their own grief.

Samoa has survived cyclones, a tsunami, an influenza epidemic, the Germans, the English, and New Zealanders. Cyclone Evan will do its worst; Samoa will rise.

I think that's all I want to say today. If you've been to Samoa, you'll know why I've chosen this song.

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