Sunday, November 11, 2012

Round Up

1. Bit jealous that Americans get Obama as president and the chance to buy these posters... thought I'd found part of Vincent's Christmas present (without even trying!), but it wasn't to be. Oh well. The first two are by Matt Drury, and the last by Cathryn Lavery, and if you happen to live in the US or Canada, you can buy them here. And if you'd like to then send them on to li'l ol' Aotearoa, we would gratefully accept, and transfer the money to you?! At the very least, it gives me an idea for creative exercises; at the moment I feel as if the only things I am getting creative with are my outfits and my insults. And even then, I reuse both. 

Actually, I just remembered that I did recently make a poster for Pulp Fiction, for a short interview I did for High Street (the lovely little street where I work). I chose to use ink (a pen) and the back of a letter (let's call that a found object, shall we?), and funnily enough, I also chose a single, evocative icon from the film too, although I did that because I can't draw for shit. However, I am very proud of my milkshake; except for the straws being the thickness of straw (like hay), it looks like a milkshake! Not one I've ever had, admittedly, but who would win at pictionary if they drew how things actually look. As someone who used to try to do that, I can tell you. No-one.

2. This morning I read this account of the storm in New York on Lost, and thought it was interesting and beautiful. I particularly like the bit about the halloween candy, and the break up. It's one of the greatest joys and tragedies of life that, whatever happens, it just carries on.

Lost is a blog I really enjoy; the writer, Vic, has a perspective on things that is really unique, and kind of makes you want to separate yourself a bit so you can see things more as they are, and less as they seem in relation to you. She often says just a little, and in that manages to say a lot, and provoke you into thinking even more.

3. I met my lovely friend Rach for a drink on Friday, and found out she too wants to have a baby next year. That makes four people I love planning to breed at the same time as Vincent and me, and makes me so happy (although it might have been nice to have someone pop one out during the baby drought that only just ended with Stella's arrival?). We're pretty prepared for ours to be the weird hippy one, but I'm trying to prepare myself a bit more for the possibility of problems making her. It's a strange thing to try to do, and I don't know how successful one could ever be at preparing for something like that. I used to ask for ridiculous things for Christmas that I knew I wouldn't get, and yet I couldn't help but believe that it might just be possible, and then be disappointed when it didn't happen. In spite of being a bit of a cynic, I'm pretty positive; I'm hopeful, and I believe... so I feel like it's really important for me to really know that having a baby might not be as straightforward as going off the pill and then having a bun in the oven. My mother had more miscarriages than most women, and most of the important women in my life have had a really difficult time getting to the point of actually laying a baby; some not getting to that point at all. It's long been a reality that wanting and having a baby are far apart, yet for me, at least, I've always expected them to be almost the same. And I really, really want to have one.

4. Christmas planning in full swing. Well, in my mind anyway; I haven't actually thought of or bought any more presents, but at night when I'm about to go to sleep, I feel it. And, most joyous of joys, on Friday Vincent bought tickets for us to go and see Freddy Kempf play with the NZSO, two Saturdays before Christmas. I can't think of anything more festive, and am very, very excited about it. He'll be playing a lot of Gershwin, and if you want to be jealous, have a look here and then here.

5. Vincent gifted me this most amazing of videos last week. It could be the best thing ever. (PS Ignore the title. It's a little bit creepy at first, but then it's simply incredible.)

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