Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lady Manes

Unsupervised this evening. We had an early dinner at what I like to call the club (it makes me feel as if we're old and don't carry cash), and when we were killing time before Vincent had to go next-door (where he's dj-ing tonight), Dave brought us a huge jug of iced tea, full of fruit. I didn't think I could/should ingest anything more after the cheesecake I'd just put away, but I managed some anyway (and am almost through my bag of peanut butter m&ms; hopeless).

It really feels like summer. I believe we've skipped spring, and that's okay; it's my least favourite season anyway. Yesterday I walked to Victoria Park to buy bananas and ecostore bits and pieces, and I even got a little bit sunburnt. I walked across the park on my way home, and saw a guy shadow-boxing under the bridge. The park was full of office people - women sitting awkwardly in their skirts, and men in strange exercise clothes doing funny poses.

It's funny how unifying weather can be. I like catching someone's eye when everyone is running from awning to awning. It makes me forget I'm getting wet, and think about how alike we all are, and how amusing it must look; all of us scuttling to escape falling water. I think sun induces more introspection, or maybe it was just that I was doing something very different to everyone I was passing. I came home so pleased with all of my cleaning products nestled in the paper bag that I didn't really want to unpack it... but Vincent is so patient with all of my other little piles around the place, I did.

The change in weather has me getting really exited about what's ahead. Apartment living means we don't get any trick-or-treaters so we had to make do with photos of nieces and nephews, but I started planning thanksgiving, and that led to Christmas thinking, and then I had to stop before it all led to excitement insomnia. We've got two gigs in the next five days that we booked back in autumn, and they felt so far away...

Anyway, what I really wanted to share was this amazing self-portrait by Rhiannon Schneiderman from her collection of lady manes on The Ardorous. Today is the first day of Movember so I've had hair on my mind - I'm of half a mind to grow a moustache, and now that I've seen these pictures, I'm inspired to do things with my pubes. I'd like to know more about the project, but I viewed these as a really funny celebration of pubic hair - long overdue, in my mind, as it seems to become less and less desirable. I showed a friend of mine a pair of crotchless undies bought as a joke present for another friend, and she said that if she wore them it would be like wearing a visor with an afro, and not only did it kill me, it really made me think about how I feel about pubic hair, and so do these pictures. 

Pubes. Awesome.

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