Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Day We'll Say I Do

It's quite appropriate that as I write this, I'm peering over the top of the laptop to watch the Steve Martin remake of Father Of The Bride. I've had weddings on the brain since seeing this post on Miss Moss with beautiful photos from a South African wedding, and talking with Vincent about the wedding we're going to the weekend after next.

As I've said before, I love weddings. I love the idea of two people deciding to throw in together, and wanting to do so legally and publicly. I love the speeches, and the dancing, and the flowers, and everyone who loves the couple and whom the couple love celebrating together.

This is one of my favourite recent weddings: that of Margherita Missoni. The theme was Italian Gypsy, and looked fun, and comfortable... and she looked kind of heavenly in her custom-made (of course) Missoni dress.

Images from the telegraph

On the subject of dresses, I adore the one worn by the bride in the aforementioned South African wedding. It's similar to the dress my mother wore when she married my dad nearly forty years ago(!!!), except hers had a very seventies neckline. If Vincent and I did decide to have another wedding with everyone present, I'd like to wear her dress, slightly modified. That's if I could fit it; she was five months pregnant, but I think my hips are still bigger than hers were. Let's blame that on the quality of meat and dairy in 2012, shall we? Anyway, do look at the album on the Modern Hearts website. The wedding is beautiful, and looks like one where you just want to be near the person you love.

Images by Modern Hearts via Miss Moss

What to wear to other people's weddings is, in my opinion, almost as difficult as choosing a wedding dress; more difficult, in my experience (my dress was one I had owned for several years and bought for twenty bucks from Supre). The happy couple knows the theme and mood of their wedding, and unless their invitation conveys this or you know them well enough to know what kind of wedding they're likely to have, it's so hard to know what to wear! Our imminent wedding is especially hard; I've met the groom once, the bride never... they're both corporate lawyers... and their invitation and gift register are respectively the most hilarious and offensive I have ever seen (and I have seen invitations to family weddings with typos and biblical misquotes). If the couple aren't hippies or stylish, is it okay to have a few bare inches of torso?

Enough thinking. It's Sunday, and the second day in a row I've lost track of time and not eaten lunch... Here is the most memorable end to a wedding, and best end to a film, ever.

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