Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking Forward

Some things I am looking forward to:

1. A Frigate Bird Sings. Vincent and I, plus my sister and aunty, are going to see this on Saturday night. I don't know what to expect; it was highly recommended to us by a completely biased Samoan source, whereas the reviews I've skimmed written by palagi have been unsure - I felt perhaps unwilling to be critical, but maybe also without an understanding of whence the story came. But while I hope it's excellent, I don't mind; we're going just as much to support Pacific theatre and to do something different as to see something great (and at $25, it's not really that much more than a movie on a weekend night).

Image from Auckland Theatre Company

2. Shoes. I've just ordered two pairs (slightly crestfallen as, although they're still on sale, they're no longer buy one get one half price, as they were on yesterday, doh!), one of heels and the other wedges; an investment in my resolution to wear what I want to, even if I think people will look at me funny. The photos on the website aren't great, so instead, look at these beauties Solange wore during her Vogue Fashion Photo Blog. I'm really into Dries Van Noten shoes at the moment, especially ones that remind me of some of the things my Mum wore in the eighties. (I've seen these in better colours, but I can't find them on the internet... the style is what I really like though. Power dressing to the max.)

3. Christmas. I received an email from Cookie Time today, asking me to complete a survey about their Christmas cookies (I buy a bucket every year; some years they don't make it home), and it has fertilised the seed that is always there in my mind and my heart, waiting until it's okay to start playing the music and pulling out the decorations. It's little things like Cookie Time Christmas cookies that make Christmas so ridiculously exciting; when else does a uni student in a terrible shirt printed with cookies come in to your workplace to take your order for mini cookies? What flavours will they have this year? Will they bring back the banana chocolate chip? I love Christmas. I LOVE IT.

4. My last antibiotic, tomorrow morning. Kidneys that don't hurt. A body that doesn't shake, then sweat, then shake, and then sweat again. Skin that doesn't ache. A head that doesn't hurt. Food that stays in my tummy.

5. Labour Day, which is next Monday 22 October. In case you don't click on the link, did you know New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to successfully demand the right to an eight hour day? Labour Day celebrates this right, which was won by a Wellington carpenter in 1840, and was first marked in 1890 by a parade of Trade Union members and supporters, who also wanted to pressure the government to make the eight hour working day a legal entitlement.

Every year is a tough year for unions, but it seems this past year has been particularly hard. They've been treated like shit and then discredited by media, betrayed by moderate liberals, and dismissed by people completely ignorant of their situation and demands. But they've soldiered on, and they have to. Labour Day is now just a day off to most people (or a chance to get double-time), and we deserve it. But we owe a thought - and our thanks - to the unions before us, and those working today to protect our rights.

To Unions!

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