Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dotty's Sister

I used to think of Solange as like lesser Beyonce (I know; and I'm the youngest of three girls, so how could I?!). Then I realised I didn't really know anything about her and that I'm not really into Beyonce, so lesser Beyonce was a bit shit. Then I read an article about Solange, and decided that although I still don't really know much about her (I know that people who write about her go on and on about how cool she is, but it feels like what they really mean is how cool are they that they can recognise someone cool who's black, because they are idiots who live in the sixties, but want us to think they are normal - which is liberal to them - people living now), she seems like one of those people who is fairly normal but is brave enough to do things, and wears awesome clothes.

Clothes are why I had to listen to this a few times and see what Vincent thought before I was sure I liked this song, as opposed to the clothes she wears throughout. This song makes me feel excited about summer, and it actually makes me exercise a little bit so that my bum doesn't hang out the bottom of my shorts and that when I dance only my bum is obviously shaking, and not all of the bits that were jiggling away when I was prancing around to Bowie yesterday morning.

I've always felt afraid of going to South Africa, because I'm not white - even though I wanted to visit places like Sharpeville and Soweto to pay my respects to the people who were killed there - and because the first South African I ever made friends with here in New Zealand had the most racist parents I have ever known (and I grew up with kids from unusually racist families; hello Epsom in the 1980s-1990s, and Church of Christ since its founding to infinity), and because my Maori friend who visited was treated horribly by the majority of white South Africans she met. But then I see things like this, with incredible landscapes, and beautiful people; people whose only part in the horror of apartheid was suffering, and I think maybe I will...

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