Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yes We Can

Not much time tonight between packing, and cleaning, and baking, and watching X Factor (my new third favourite programme; I'll admit it). But I quickly want to tell you about Lunchbox Day, which is happening across the country tomorrow.

I've just realised that although I've been blogging a bit about child poverty, I haven't been telling about Campbell Live's recent focus on hungry kids. It follows that if one in five children in NZ are living in poverty, these kids are going to be hungry. The government seems to think that's the look-out of the kids' parents only (as do an alarming number of other people; I guess they didn't elect themselves), so while they preach about irresponsibility and egalitarianism and blah blah blah, children are sitting at school unable to concentrate because they've had a fizzy drink and some chips for breakfast and nothing for lunch.

Not so Kidscan. For 1.8 million dollars, Kidscan can provide lunch to every kid at decile 1-4 schools in the country. Compared with what the country spends on other things, this is pocket change (but we have a culture of child abuse; we don't even have a Minister of Children), and as Vincent pointed out this evening, if every working adult gave a dollar, we'd have it. Tomorrow is about reaching that goal, so businesses and schools and individuals all over the country are doing different things to help get there. If you didn't know about it, it's not too late to get involved! You can do something as simple as taking a collection at your workplace, or getting everyone to text LUNCH to 8595 (an automatic $3 donation, with no deductions by network providers). And if you're in the city, you can drop into my shop, where we'll be selling baking (I'm making lolly cake; if no-one else buys any I can rely on Vincent), and giving a portion of sales of our special Auckland kiwi to Kidscan. Or you can go to BCC where Vincent has organised lunch; fish & chips and a beer for $25, half of which (ie all profits) will go to Kidscan. It's a lot of money to make in one day, but it's amazing what can be done when everyone gets together...

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  1. Yay! I love it that you keep my non-tv-watching and stuck-on-an-island self informed! I will now go for the txting option!