Sunday, September 23, 2012


1. In case you do other things on a Sunday morning, like go out for breakfast, or do your lawns, or just anything that means you're not on the couch watching tv, you might not know about my favourite  programme. It's called Neighbourhood, and it's nothing short of awesome. Every week we visit a neighbourhood, hosted by someone famous (or semi-famous) who has lived there (often someone who grew up there), and we meet some people who live there now, and find out a bit about what makes that area special; we get to know everyone's backgrounds, and their experience in NZ, and how they have found/made a home in their neighbourhood. The blurb on the website claims it "explores and celebrates New Zealand's cultural diversity", and it doesn't disappoint, especially for someone like me, who loves the rich ethnic smorgasbord we have in NZ. So far my favourite has been Te Aro, hosted by Luke Buda, but I've just discovered that I've missed about eighteen episodes, so that could change. I know why this kind of show is aired on a Sunday morning; it's considered community programming, which it is. But I wish the importance of community programming was understood; I wish it was easier for people to watch this. In the five episodes I've watched, I've come to value suburbs I knew nothing about, and learnt so much about cultures and individuals I might never have known. There's so much misinfomation and just a general lack of understanding between people that isolates and can really damage, bearing prejudice and impatience, among other things. This show seeks to break down barriers by sharing, and prove how willing people are to share, and to be understood. I think a lot of people struggle with the fact that New Zealand is largely an immigrant country; watching this might make them realise how great that is. Catch up on episodes here.

2. We all keep raving on about how much we're looking forward to warmer weather, but you have to understand how cold it still is in Auckland. It's one of the good things about it, but it's cold enough to still wear my fur coat, and it's almost October. So since I can't wear them yet, I keep looking at summer outfits online, and next year's spring/summer collections that look amazing, and dreaming of the day I too will have cause (other than sympathy for Vincent) to de-hair my legs, and to wear sunblock. My favourite look I've seen this weekend from Jesse Kamm via Miss Moss.

3. Today we had a joint birthday party for my dog Oscar, and his brother Oli. They turned ten a couple of weeks ago, and celebrated in style; both wearing ties, and looking equal parts festive, fancy, and ridiculous. It was an excellent precursor to what we did afterward; see this man live.

He was brilliant. He sang. He cracked jokes. He gave me nightmares forever by doing numerous hip thrusts. He even did an (awesome!) impression of The Godfather. He was hammy as hell, and then five minutes later had the room still and silent while he nailed Love Me Tender. My aunty and I cheered the entire time we weren't in fits of laughter... I didn't take any undies to throw, but I did give him a standing ovation, and while age hasn't robbed him of anything, now that I'm an old married woman, maybe it was for the best.

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