Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Mad, The Bad, And The Beautiful

I've been a bit grumpy the last two days. It's made me a little less apt to see the funny side of things, and so ready to get fired up about things that make me angry; good, in a way, as it's spurred to me to immediate action when I might have stalled. I've just written a preliminary email to a local publication to check that when they wrote that J Williams had been in "a spot of media trouble last year", they were referring to his exposure as a woman-beater - just in case there was something that could be reasonably described as "a spot of media trouble"- before I hit the fucking roof. To read this in the same week that I read about fellow woman-beater Chris Brown's new tattoo of the face of a beaten woman is just about more than I can take. How are these men still successful? How can people really not care that they are pieces of shit?

I'm determined not to go to bed worked up and have another bad sleep (today I'd say the world had a formidable opponent; tomorrow it could have a new worst enemy), so I'm trying to focus on good things. One of these things is this ad that I saw for the first time yesterday. I hope you like it as much as I do; if you do, you can donate here, or join the IHC Smile Club here. We're so, so lucky to have an organisation like IHC in NZ. I have a cousin I love very much with an intellectual disability who lives in Samoa, and her life would be so enriched by what IHC enables people to do. She's part of the reason Vincent and I are Smile Club members, and why I really hope that you'll think about it; you can pay as little as $15 a month, and know that you're helping to make climbing those mountains a little bit easier.

PS I know I've been asking you to open your wallets a lot recently; I'm sorry! I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it was so, so important, but I'll try to lay off for a while.

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