Sunday, September 2, 2012

Something In The Air

Everyone in the Southern Hemisphere is waxing lyrical about Spring, and pretending we think Summer is just around the corner. It's not necessarily that we hate Winter; in fact, I love Winter. I also love beer, but it is the very last thing I feel like drinking at the moment (actually that's not true at all; a wheat beer would be like mana but considering the strength of these antibiotics, I imagine I would be swiftly begging for sweet death). What I mean is that even if you love Winter, as I do; love coats (love coats, like thought you and your husband would count how many you have, and then got to twenty and thought it wasn't such a good game anymore), boots, hats and gloves, hot toddies and mulled wine, revel in storms (so much so that even when you don't actually know there is one going on outside your body instinctively begins to twitch); when your favourite afternoon is bunking down with a cup of tea and a book or movie, and when you have the kind of complexion that is better served by Winter's clouds than Summer's sun... it still becomes tiresome putting together an outfit and then having to add jumpers under and over it, and having to check stockings for holes and worn patches, and having yellow feet because you can only fit a thin pair of socks under your stockings with most of your boots.

Winter, it's not personal.

Here are some things that make the temporary break-up easier:

1. Outfits with only one jumper, and bare ankles.

From here.

2. A BABY!!! Whom I have already named Margot, but we'll see what her parents have to say about that. It's her shower next weekend, but in spite of my excitement, I'm finding her hard to shop for; I found an awesome onesie on Amnesty's online shop that says All Rights for All People, and a Motorhead onesie on Ebay, but I think they might be more for our potential baby than my friends'. She is due to arrive in just under a month, and then she will spend her first New Year's with me. (Well, with all of us, but I will be there, and this is my blog, after all.)

3. Dreaming. As much as I love Winter, it really seems to be about surviving, and living day-to-day. Warmer weather means planning, and imagining, and California dreaming...

4. Taking electricity savings to new heights. Last month our bill was $40. The eight-year-old in me had a party with her toys and watched some kissing on tv to celebrate. Possibly part of the reason it was so low was that we were extremely busy and ate takeaways more than usual, but I don't care. If we can do that in the middle of Winter, who knows what we can achieve when it gets warmer? Considering how much I sweat and have to wash my things when it's warm, probably not much more.

5. The prospect of dancing to this, outside, with no shoes, and very few clothes, on. 

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