Thursday, August 30, 2012

No News Is Good News

If you're privy to what's been going on in NZ politics, and NZ in general, I expect you're doing an Amen right now. The news has been depressing, embarrassing, and infuriating; kindness, foresight, justice and sense seem very thin at the the moment, and the trend is being led from the people with the most power/the most seats in the beehive.

My news is that our last day in Otago was spent largely at Dunedin Hospital, where we had to go after a night of horrible abdominal pain. We thought I might have appendicitis; what we discovered is that I have company. Not pregnancy (sorry Salamander), but e-coli! I have a urinary tract infection that has gone to my kidneys, and I can tell you that it is not fun, and in spite of not requiring surgery as appendicitis would, it was also not good news. I'm on super-antibiotics now, so bring on the thrush!!! Awesome. Kidney pain is no joke, but itching and cottage cheese? Hil-arious.

There were times, such as when Vincent was having to dress me and fish around in the bed to find my feet, that I just had to laugh (although several times the laughing led to crying; it seems illness is a bit like being on acid sometimes). Life is a funny thing. Our first two days down South yielded the most amazing secondhand finds on short shopping trips; among other things, an English duffle coat, an Auckland-made fur coat (!!!!) (faux! I should add), and a real, vintage snakeskin clutch for my Mum's imminent birthday (shh please!). The next two days were spent on the road, exploring central Otago, watching histories of tiny towns in their information centres, eating pies, staying in Alexandra, exploring gullies where gold was found, and marvelling at incredible landscapes. Our last day was a bonus day, when we were just going to mooch around, have a fossick at a few more shops, and maybe visit a beach. But my body/life had other plans.

My news isn't quite everyday, but I still think this song, a favourite, applies. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Oh god! Get well soon... UTI's are no joke indeed, neither is e-coli! I always thought the latter was from eating a bad batch of steak. Anywho, take care that bladder!

    1. Thank you! And I know, it's always on ads for spray & wipe etc? I'm kind of proud of how disgusting it is... simple things xo