Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hear Ye

The thing with less-used, less-advertised products, or more specifically, natural, eco-/body-friendly stuff, is that unless you've read a review on a specialised website or magazine, you really don't know what you're in for. I think it's partly why companies like eco-store do so well (not that they don't deserve to; more later); they manage against all odds to reach that tipping point where they become an option - a contender. We first started using eco-store washing powder after I read a review in Good magazine comparing eco-friedly laundry detergents, and it's all grown from there. I think it's been long enough to say whether or not these things have worked for us, so here is my round-up.

1. Sukin moisturiser and Sukin rose hip oil. My mother, along with her many virtues, is a bit of a straight-shooter; like the kind who goes for the jugular. "A bit hideous" is an oft used epithet in our family since she used it to describe an unfortunate lady (who, in my mother's defense, I should add was also ugly on the inside). Anyway, last Sunday, she told me my skin was glowing. Glowing. Granted, I had been using Olay for the last ten years because it's cheap, you can buy it from the supermarket, and it wasn't giving me zits or anything, and my skin had been looking a bit dull. Now, however, my skin now actually looks pretty, not just the freckled thing around my eyes and mouth, and it's because a month ago I started using Sukin (thank you for the recommendation, Salamander). Tick.

2. Ecostore washing powder. It's been months since we started using this, and I think it's great. I've had a strange passion for laundry for years; I think it began when my parents first got their Smart Drive, and I happened to be there when it was installed and the instructions given. My passion makes me a bit anal (but honestly, mixing tea-towels with bath-towels is disgusting), but I have no complaints about this stuff. It cleans everything beautifully, it smells good, and I'm pretty sure my skin's been happier since we switched. Tick.

3. I'm already sick of doing this, so everything else can be number three. Ecostore Dishwasher Tablets are good, but because the little bags they come in biodegrade in the dishwasher, you have to keep them dry or else the tablet will stick. (I suppose we could transfer them to a plastic container if we weren't so lazy.) The rinse aid works fine. Ecostore Multi-Purpose Cleaner requires a bit more elbow grease than Power Spray, but that makes me feel even better about using it; the ease associated with the latter makes me really nervous about what we ingested while we were using it. We've also bought the Bathroom Cleaner, but still haven't used it (everyone who came over last weekend will attest to this). Lastly, two weeks ago I started using The Herb Farm Natural Deodorant. I'm giving it and myself an adjustment period, but so far I'm not overly impressed with it. I'm going to work my way through all of the aluminium-free deodorants at The Cruelty Free Shop until I find one that works, and when I have, I'll let you know.

I'm sorry this ended up so boring. I haven't even told you about my mooncup yet, which I bought on Friday and hope to debut tomorrow, even though the size of it is kind of terrifying (but the ladies on the forums I looked up maintain there has been no permanent stretching; I find that hard to believe, but after fifty-five bucks I feel obliged to give it a try). This was supposed to make you want to finish up or give away all scary chemicals, and feel the smugness of using stuff that isn't hurting your body or the environment (while you stuff yourself with fluoro-coloured lollies and use mascara and lipstick like there's no tomorrow). And it wasn't supposed to sound so preachy, even though I did write the title before the rest. I guess I shouldn't have done it on a Sunday...


  1. 1. Maybe you're pregnant ( you're welcome)
    2. Some days I'm so anal I do teatowel isolation wash in the bucket. With Dettol.
    3. How many hours have I spent peeling off those little bastards? Who knew they biodegraded, dammit. In the dishwasher, even. Try Body Crystal, Botanical Mist and Roll. Lovely.

    So, so jealous about the mooncup. Please update! x

    1. But then I wouldn't have use for the mooncup! And I hope my boobs would be bigger. I think teatowel isolation is wonderful and I wish I would do it. Thank you for the deodorants! I'll see what I can find online xoxo