Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good To Me

There's a horrendous Avril Lavigne song (from when she decided to introduce stripper routines into her videos) that occasionally pops into my head. Thankfully I don't know the verses, but I do know the chorus which is embarrassingly bad but I can't hate it because of what is happening when it comes to mind. It was in my head this morning when my alarm went off at 7.20 (this is Saturday) because I had a work thing (for which I wouldn't be paid), and as I staggered grumpily out of bed, someone got up after me, even though they had nowhere they needed to be. The same someone made me a cup of tea and some breakfast while I was in the shower, and saw me off. Then while I was gone, the someone took all of the things that have been lying around the house needing to go to the City Mission or the dump (mostly mine), and took them where they needed to go so that when I got home, all that was on the red couch (which is usually the multi-coloured couch because of all the things I throw on it) were cushions (which look lovely when they're not piled up in one corner, obscured by coats and bras). The same someone is now at the supermarket buying pick & mix lollies from a list specifying each lolly, one of which only comes in a mixed bin so will require digging and sifting with the plastic shovel.

This person deserves better than Avril Lavigne. He also deserves better than a semi-rational, pre-menstrual smoking volcano. I don't deserve the little bowls of lollies that have just been presented to me in bed, or the person who presented them to me.

I'm so grateful that we don't always get what we deserve, but I hope that the sentiment of this song evens things up a bit for the someone.

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