Thursday, August 9, 2012


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I don't know if it's because I don't eat enough carrots, or because I read with poor lighting, or that it's congenital, but whatever the cause, the old grey mare's eyes just ain't what they used to be, and while there are definite downsides, the old mare is excited, because that means GLASSES.

I was one of those kids who wanted braces because they thought they were cool. (My sense of cool has never been quite on the money. And I never did end up getting braces, even though one dentist said I should have.) When I think about it, I also wanted a hearing aid after buying an ancient picture book at a fair called The Girl With A Button In Her Ear (the book was so old that the hearing aid was one attached to a box, like a radio, where the girl adjusted volume. My sisters and I also had outdated encyclopedias to which I referred for all of my school projects, in spite of the fact that they included Rhodesia and probably maintained that the world is flat), but that was more because the hearing aid made her special, and would garner attention. I did many things for attention.

While I no longer want braces (and am so, so glad I never got them), I do want glasses; very, very much. To me, they're like an awesome haircut in that they transform everything from normal to deliberate. They seem mysterious. They frame one of the things I like best on faces.

I'm feeling a bit Veruca Salt-ish at the moment, but it feels like it's okay to want something that I actually need. I'm spending far too much time adding things to wishlists on various websites and contemplating the holes in my wardrobe and how much nicer a cream couch would look in our sitting room... but I don't want it all now. Soon will be fine! 

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