Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things I've Been...

1. Good. Every time I read this magazine, I end up with a page full of websites to look up and facts/insights to share. Like this: Did you know, when you buy something that says "biodegradable" that that might not mean squat? For example, nuclear waste is biodegradable over half a million years. Also, we have these biodegradable plastic bags at my work that we were all very excited about until we found out they need air to break down, and if people put them in the bin and they end up condensed in landfill, they won't have any air. Hmm. Anyway, over the past six months, Vincent and I have become increasingly aware of the products we use, and what is their impact on the environment (and on us), and Good is a huge help...
2. Bitches Gotta Eat. This woman is so refreshingly frank, and hilarious.

1. Season six of 30 Rock. Sometimes you don't realise how much you've missed something until it's back in your life. I'm using so many 30 Rock references to explain what I mean that pretty soon I'll be incomprehensible to anyone who doesn't watch it. 

1. On my sister's advice, I've switched to natural skincare, including rosehip oil, the smell of which brought back a rose-hued memory of my Mum reclining in her black shiny lycra togs on a sun lounger in our old backyard, with my sister and me squashing capsules of what she says was Vitamin E oil but smelled exactly like rosehip. I haven't noticed my skin glowing (my desired effect), but I do feel like a real, grown-up lady when I put it on, and that's not nought.
2. Birthday planning. We are three days away from the first of the seven birthdays our family celebrates in July, and at the risk of jinxing everything, we are organised and on track - even with three of the birthday people being in different cities to us and needing their presents sent. Now we feel like it's okay to start getting excited about our own birthday, and trying to plan the finer details without building it up so that it can only end in disappointment...

Listening to:
1. This song, which Vincent brought home a few days ago. At first I found it a bit depressing; it's musical genius, and when you love music and would like to make it, that can be hard to listen to. But once you get over yourself, and realise that people who make great music might wish they'd come up with this, you can just enjoy it for what it is. Genius. Bastards.

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