Thursday, June 28, 2012

Words And Pictures

1. This year's film festival booklet came out on Monday. I'm still on my first go-through, but my ten definites (also Vincent's ten definites; I don't know how we found each other either!) and the possibles I have lined up have me very excited. We looooove movies. Here are some of the definites:

2. The limitations of winter dressing and my subsequent inadvertent new uniform (boots, dress or skirt, thick woollen jumper tucked into the same belt, and bright lipstick or fancy hair to distract from the fact that it's almost the same thing as yesterday, which might not sound like a big deal, but as Vincent pointed out on Tuesday - when I came home very embarrassed after the building had to be evacuated and, as the building warden, I had to wear the chilli red jerkin, which perfectly matched the chilli red stockings I happened to be wearing, and made me look ridiculous - I work on a street where clothes are noticed) have me trawling through photos of warm weather outfits, and longing for spring and dresses. These are from Crystal Meers' recent Closet Visit, which is full of pretty things. This is not to say I don't love winter things... like the vintage faux fur hat and French gloves I bought today.

3. Tonight we were supposed to go to Real Groovy for a screening of the rare footage of the White Stripes playing at Freeman's Bay Primary in 2003 and Kings Arms in 2000, but I was too beary (how we describe me when I'm sleepy and a bit growly) so we stayed home and watched Grand Designs instead. I wish I hadn't been beary. We've been trying to decide who our most influential musicians of all time are, and although it'll take a bit to whittle it down to as definitive a top ten we can, there are a few non-negotiables, namely Joe Strummer, Bob Dylan, and Jack White. If Jack White had to make a similar list, he's made it very clear that this man would feature, perhaps at the top.

4. I've been getting so worked up at things - sustained name suppression for rich/famous offenders but not those with mental illness; people who obviously know nothing claiming asset sales are the only way out of debt; rude customers - and ranting about them, that today at least, this is my happy place, which is why it's all movies and clothes and music. I really wish I could hibernate for a month, and then get up and go through some bins and maybe swing on a tree branch. Instead I'll just go to bed, and maybe put some honey on my toast in the morning.

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