Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Vincent Brought Home Last Night

It's been a while since I was this excited by something I heard. These guys are awesome; eight brothers playing the brass and another guy playing drums, and all of them killing it. I love brass, but usually it makes me want to cry (part of what I like about it). This makes me want to grab a flag and march off to fight, but what I actually did while I listened to it over and over this morning was dance (the parts of my body that continued to dance after I had stopped reaffirmed my decision to start pilates again yesterday, even though I can feel every muscle I didn't know I had today). Anyway, they're coming to Auckland next month, and we are going to be in there like swimwear. You  can find out a bit more about them here, and listen to another song, Planet Gibbous, here. Hurray Vincent!


  1. They are osome! Tighty whitey trackpants are a bit scary tho x

    1. I know! But the trackpants are owright with me. If I find myself with eight sons, this is what their future looks like xo