Monday, June 4, 2012

A Sicilian Message

Vincent and I often go over our top five of lots of things; most often, movies. The order of mine changes, and sometimes the fifth gets bumped for something recently discovered/rediscovered, but there are always two spots reserved for The Godfather Part I, and The Godfather Part II. These films are true classics; beautifully crafted, involving, and as much a result of their time as they are timeless. I can't imagine anything being different to how it ended up being, and as good a Michael De Niro would have been, he was supposed to be Vito, and Pacino was meant to be Michael. Anyway, I came across these videos while I was trawling through YouTube this morning. As well as being interesting, it's nice to see everyone as themselves, and seeing how much of themselves they put into their characters. James Caan comes off as a bit of a douche, De Niro is charming, Pacino thoughtful, and Keaton is her usual awesome self. I know (and believe) common beauties stay fifteen (Andrew Marvell's Young Love), but there is something so beautiful about youth; it's so tangibly vital, and bursting with potential. And they all had yet to sully their legacies with some of the bad movies that came later... but that's our ageist society and the parts we write for older actors, I guess. And at least they got to play these amazing parts; no such luck for black actors, or women (other than Keaton and Talia Shire, but their parts are not nearly as iconic as the male Corleones). "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." A classic.

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