Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lazy Sunday

1. Friday was the 50th anniversary of Samoa's independence. Although I had planned to do so at the pub, we celebrated quietly at home; me sitting on the couch intermittently waving our flag, while Vincent got together a dinner that included some leftovers from what Dad had made us all the night before. With just over a month until we go there, the countdown is really on.

2. Last night Vincent and I watched Coffee And Cigarettes. We've had mixed feelings about Jim Jarmusch's work since trying to watch The Limits Of Control a while ago and absolutely hating it, and our first impressions of this film weren't much better as we pictured the kind of asshole audience who would laugh obnoxiously and knowingly at the first few not-very-funny vignettes. However, we hung in there, and it was worthwhile; the turning point came in the scene featuring Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, got significantly better in Cate Blanchett's solo playing herself and her cousin, and climaxed in the excellent second to last scene featuring GZA, RZA and Bill Murray. This is the table I would most like to be sitting at, drinking herbal tea and waiting for Ghostface Killah.

The last scene, called Champagne, was another favourite, but it's only on YouTube in its entirety, and I don't want you to see it out of context, so instead you can listen to the song Taylor mentions, which is both liberating and heart-breaking.

3. Since booking our flights to Samoa, buying our Black Keys tickets, and then royally failing our warrant the week before our registration was due, we have been broke (and I mean broke! That's a Breakfast At Tiffany's reference, if anyone is interested), and I have started playing a new game called Put Thing In Your Online Cart And Then Wait For Them To Expire. It's about as depressing as it sounds, but it costs nothing but pride and time, and it's probably good for me to think I want things that I know I won't be buying. Here are two of them, both from Asos.

(background image 'Hydrangeas' watercolour found here)

4. Really enjoying this look from Hannah Byun's Closet Visit.

5.  One last video: Sima Urale's O Tamaiti. If you haven't seen it before (or even if you have), I should warn you it's probably not something you want to watch on your way to work; it's extremely emotive and, though beautiful, incredibly sad. (Also you might want to watch it on YouTube so you can make it fullscreen.)

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