Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dream Houses

Usually when I watch a movie, it's the costumes I find most distracting. The dress Holly wears to see Sally Tomato after meeting Paul for the first time makes me die every time I see it, and I would do bad things to have the coat Mrs Robinson wears when she sits in the hotel bar waiting for Benjamin to go and get the room. But sometimes, it's the sets, and of these, there are two movie houses I absolutely adore. The first is one I have loved and coveted ever since I first saw the film as a child, and that is the Monterrey ranch in the original of The Parent Trap. The house is amazing; the sixties design, the freedom, and the California-ness of it. I would still love to live there (although I now know it was a set built on a sound stage, and a little bit of me has died. But I would still live there, on the sound stage). I don't know why but Snowy wouldn't let me take screen-shots of my dvd, so all of these images come from Hooked On Houses.

The second house is from Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers, and is lived in by Don Johnston. The house is all wood and stone and leather; full of texture, and with lots of blues and browns. The floor is one of my favourite things about it, but I love everything. And not only is the house fantastic, it is next door to a family with four adorable children, a babe mother who makes great food, and a great dad who is a would-be detective. If I lived in this house I would do pretty much as Don does, although I couldn't be as deadpan as he is if I was given a million dollars for it, especially if the house was mine. All of these pictures are screen-shots taken by me.

(I know the above picture is very similar to an earlier shot but I added it because you get a better view of the cushion, which I love. Also, I always love a good eye-roll.)

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