Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Is And What Could Be

Image credits: 1&2 from Old Chum (from here and here), 3 from Miss Moss (and in case the link on the photo doesn't work, is originally from here), and 4 from (and came from here).

One day I would like for where I live to look a bit like the above. I accept that it will never be exactly like that because I instinctively clutter, but lately I have been really looking forward to having a whole house to play with, and not just a few rooms (in which we are not supposed to drive in new nails, and which have terrible lighting, evidenced by the below photos which I am going to share anyway).

As we get closer to our aim of 100 things each, things begin to take individual shape, as opposed to the hazy mess they made formerly. The red couch would disagree, but the end is in sight, and I am glad.

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