Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Wanderings

I've been listening to the new Dictaphone Blues album, Beneath The Crystal Palace, every day at work since I successfully petitioned for its purchase. I like it a lot. I would describe it as cacophonic pop; it sounds like a series of explosions, lots of enthusiasm, and, for some reason, boys. This is a song that stood out to me the first time I listened (which usually means the song has the most commercial potential, but doesn't always end up being my favourite. I used to think I was some kind of guru until I realised I was just being what the people who decide which songs end up being singles hope for - obvious), and one that I like very much.

And while we're basking in excellent Auckland pop, Lawrence Arabia. His new album comes out soon and we're kind of impatient but still enjoying the last one, Chant Darling, heaps. I really wanted to post Eye A, my fourth favourite song from the album, but YouTube doesn't have it, so here is Apple Pie Bed, my second. (First? Auckland CBD Part Two, which I've posted before here, and third is Dream Teacher. All song rankings subject to change and yes, I rank everything; I can't help it.) If you get the chance to see him live, go; his live performance is brilliant. Sometimes it's like he's covering his own songs.

He did actually tide us over with his collaboration with Dean Fabulous. Again, YouTube disappoints but maybe this song will make you want to go and get the album. My favourites include Up To My Neck In Shit, and the one I most enjoy finding myself singing along with: Eugenics. I'd never before noticed the melodic sound of the word, or how offensive people find it when it's sung repeatedly in their presence.

And finally, one of my favourite NZ songs ever; a song I love so much I actually get a bit nervous when it begins, and then often put on repeat because I can't bear for it to end (and I just realised have posted before here, whoops). This wasn't meant to be a NZ music month post but there's so much excellent music here, and we wandered...

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