Saturday, May 12, 2012

Responses To Tonight's News

1. Guys, wear your seat-belts! Please.

2. Rates rises in Kaipara are ridiculous. But the government is not going to help you poor suckers. REVOLT!!!

3. Those New Zealanders getting those rewards for buying shares in the five SOEs being (partially) [commence eye-roll sequence] sold are the exact New Zealanders who least need rewards. Why are we pretending that New Zealand owners makes the outlook any better for the rest of us? It will be a business! They will want to make profits! Jesus!

4. JPMorgan: Is anyone surprised? Have you seen these bankers? They are the kinds of assholes who giggled at weird private jokes during maths, and slap each others' bums when playing squash. Are you with Kiwibank? I recommend them.

5. No, I don't want to move to Australia, and I don't want to become a miner. Most of the people shown at the expo looked as if their parents were related. (I mean their own Mums related to their own Dads, not that they are extended families all moving together. Wouldn't that be nice! Except that, in an isolated mining town, they may have to marry each other and perpetuate that cycle. But what is wrong with that? Cousin love is a baseless stigma.)

6. Murder is, indubitably, sad and wrong. (Except when it's like, the murder of Hitler or some similar piece of shit). But why do we have to hear so much about Emily Longley's? It seems as if it is because she is young and blonde and relatively photogenic. How many women in NZ die every day at the hands of their abusive partners? We hear nothing about them, and yet this case is on the news every single night. I should say some of the case interests me; how does such a brain-dead misogynist manage to dress himself in the morning, let alone gain a girlfriend (and manage to do her in)?

7. The top five box office movies in NZ are invariably a depressing reflection of the population's poor taste and lack of brain-juice. The only thing worse is our music top ten. It makes me want to destroy things.

On that note, here is an awesome song I listened to while dusting the tv this afternoon while the jenga queen played with her uncle. Is it obvious I had nothing to say and am still recovering my mind? But this is Commitment To My Blog.

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