Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, Bloody Monday

I was going to show you a photo I just took of myself wearing my new tshirt that I was given today by the blood service to celebrate my 10th donation, but I used photo booth so the writing is back to front and it really isn't a good picture by any stretch of the imagination, so instead I am posting a song that was playing while Vincent and I gave blood this morning (and had made me feel a bit funny since we watched Saturday Night Fever but I think is okay again), and will tell you about my awesome tshirt. It is bright red (of course), has a '10' inside a drop of blood on the sleeve, says 'It Takes All Types' on the front (harhar), and made me very happy (even though I realise that, even taking colds, piercings, and tattoos into account, I probably should have given blood thirty times by now). The Blood Service is the best, and if you don't know them, they would love to meet you. (And suuck your blood.)

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