Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Like It

Salvador Dali and Gala, via Old Love from mariposima.

If you live in NZ, or anywhere, probably, you'll have had enough of ugly things (and if not, look up Louis Crimp and his comments on Maori). I certainly have, so today is just about things that are beautiful, and enjoyable, and funny, and don't hurt.

From here, on Old Chum.

I've always loved wooden floors and exposed wooden beams. I like wooden walls too; they remind me of a holiday my mother and I took together in winter when I was thirteen or fourteen, and stayed in bed until lunchtime, did puzzles, and drank lots of milo and ate lots of chicken nuggets and minties. I'm still dreaming of the day Vincent and I live in a house and not an apartment, and have a table, and windows that look out onto green things, and that belongs to us. I think I've changed my mind about not believing in owning land and a house... now it seems like stability and security.

Print by Ryan Sheffield for sale on etsy, found via melicious.

Then I am very much alive.

In the car with Missy today, she asked why I don't know any new music. (She meant new music that is played on four and bung radio stations, although I have become really lazy with finding other new music/really comfortable with my sixties playlists of which I know every inflection.) She was trying to tell us what she'd been listening to lately but couldn't remember the name of the song she liked best, just that it began with 'd' and rhymed with something. When she showed us the playlist she'd made, it turned out to be Debaser by the Pixies, and I wanted to hug the world. Anyway, later on in the car I heard this song (which is new to me, whether or not it's actually new) and it made me want to be drunk in a dark room with a low ceiling, maybe wearing a shiny top or shiny shoes, and flinging my arms around.

Sunday's not really a disco day, but the thought of another cold and unstimulating week of work makes me feel like some disco is in order. Only five days until it's Friday again.

Bye, Donna Summer. And thank you for everything. 

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