Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Feel It All

I'm an emotional person. Most of the time, I'm okay with it; it means that I'm not often confused about how I feel about things because my body is giving me very strong cues, like the feeling that my blood is boiling, or that my heart is about to burst with happiness. Sometimes it embarrasses me, like the time my pop music lecturer played John Legend's Ordinary People and had the lyrics up, and I had to wait for the everybody to leave so I could mop up my face (I was about four years older than most of the kids in the class, and clearly that song is for thirty-somethings who have been in doomed relationships). Sometimes it's a bit embarrassing but at least it amuses people I love, like at weddings when the bride walks in or the groom makes a beautiful speech about how much he loves his wife and I think about what a lovely person he is and how wonderful it is that he has found his person, and I'm sobbing so loudly that the groom's sister is looking concerned and a bit embarrassed that she has told me earlier to look at our cousin cry if I want a laugh. And sometimes it's just straight out bad, like the other night when a man pushed past me and I thought he worked at the bar I was at so I thought it doubly rude... and elbowed him really hard.

So it was very reassuring for me to watch this. I have never really liked Kristen Bell because of a range of made-up reasons like her face annoyed me (even though I had never read an interview or anything with her), but that has changed. She is a kindred spirit. I just watched this video on this very enjoyable blog Make Pippa Cry (via Melicious), on which people post YouTube videos in attempts to induce tears from a person who has never cried while watching something on YouTube. I have so far cried while watching three, and deliberately avoided one that I have seen before (and I am a bit grumpy this evening). As well as the project and the videos, I also like Pippa's articulate and matter-of-fact reactions to each video; they remind me of my wonderfully honest and funny friend Sez. 3-7 safe-zoners - you're not alone.

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