Sunday, February 5, 2012


I don't know what it is about Sunday mornings that makes music sound a million times better than any other day of the week; it must be the same thing that makes bad tv on a Saturday afternoon so wonderful. I love to sleep in on a Sunday - every day, actually, but there's something about a Sunday morning that makes me want to be awake. Perhaps it's all the years I had to sit in church for two hours, struggling to stay awake through the sexist, racist sermon so I could stand in a carpark for ten minutes afterward; whatever it is, Sunday mornings are precious to me. My favourite thing used to be to wait for Mum and Dad to leave the house (no nagging about homework, or housework, or the state I was in when I stumbled in the night before) and then get up, make a cup of tea, put so much butter on a piece of fresh bread that the crusts started to get chest pains, and listen to Billie Holiday for an hour. Sunday and jazz seemed to be a perfect marriage, until I realised how good The Clash sounded at the same time, and Johnny Cash, and Marilyn Manson. This is a selection of songs I like to listen to on a Sunday (or have been listening to today):

Maybe I should be grateful for my church-going days; I think I love Sundays more than any other atheist I know. Nietzsche bless everyone, and may Etta James rest in peace.

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