Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Zombie Body

I'd already forgiven Ryan Gosling for The Notebook. Watching it was not entirely unenjoyable; Mum and I bonded over our smirks, snorts and oh my goshes - I don't think Vincent (who saw it at the MOVIES!) can have rolled his eyes more than we did during the "climactic" love scene. I tried to re-watch it when it was on tv last year but it just wasn't the same without Mum... also, after bagging it so hard to Vincent, I couldn't let it show that I wanted to see it again. Anyway, I still thought Ryan and Rachel McAdams were okay, and then Lars And The Real Girl came out and I thought Ryan, you're better than okay, you're a stand-up actor. Last year I saw a youtube video where he broke up a fight and I thought, pacifist. Interesting. But then, last week, I discovered this, his band Dead Man's Bones, and it is ACE (by the way, thanks a lot anyone who knew about them for telling me; their first song came out in 2008!), and as far as I'm concerned, The Notebook was just an unfortunate but necessary stepping stone (and not nearly as unfortunate as Mickey Mouse Club - do not watch the videos, you will want to hurt yourself, they are so awful). Ryan and this guy Zach are the core members, and they collaborated with the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir (which was, incidentally, started by Flea). When they toured their album, they had a local children's choir from each town sing with them (to rave reviews, wikipedia says). Sometimes kid's choirs can sound a bit contrived, but kids singing about zombies and ghosts and other other-worldly things is so appropriate (plus the songs are great in their own right) that they sound fantastic. Here's another one:

And to finish, a song from Drive. I loved the soundtrack immediately, and I like this song in particular, especially its 80s sound (like the movie, most of the music has an 80s feel) and the sentiment - when I first met Vincent, I lost my appetite (for the only time in my life) (I should also say I found it as soon as he left Auckland, and I put on 15kgs), and could think of nothing else besides him and when I'd next see him. I realised recently that I really, really enjoy gratuitous violence when it's vengeful, as in the elevator scene. I had thought it was just because I'm a savage type with the warrior gene, but I think it's more a vicarious thing; there is so much in the world that I hate, so much injustice (and just annoying little stuff) that I would love to deal with by beating the shit out of the perpetrators. When I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 I was going through the worst time in my life and it was so cathartic; seeing The Bride take on The Crazy 88s, and watch the blood spurting from their arms - I loved it. I loved how merciless she was; how she took back control (I know some people will say that's debatable), and how she stuck it to every one of those motherfuckers who took away her baby and put holes in her head. When I think about it, as a kid I used to act out the Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya bit over and over, and with great enthusiasm. I'm completely opposed to capital punishment, and if I see a fight it makes me want to be sick... but sometimes I really wish I could punch someone in the face. "Sometimes" like "frequently", and "someone" like "lots of people". And I also wish that I wouldn't be arrested afterward. The Princess Bride really wasn't the right movie for a kid like me.

Oh, go on. Here's one more. And if you haven't seen Drive, I recommend it; it's been described as "high trash" and a million other things but I really, really enjoyed it (not least because Christina Hendricks is in it). Dear Joanie. When is Mad Men back? I need the wardrobe inspiration; I have stopped doing my hair, and I'm only wearing heels once a week. How will I ever keep Vincent interested?! (If I'm  a zombie do I need to tell Simone and Helene that I'm joking so they don't bother me or am I untouchable now?)

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