Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas, Eve!

We've just returned from a late ramble to the Wishing Tree, and are supposed to be watching our final Christmas movie, It's A Wonderful Life, but we're just too tired. I'm sad, but I know it's for the best; I had about five hours of drunken sleep on Thursday night, and couldn't sleep in today because there was Too Much To Do. I'm exhausted, but still excited. It's Christmas Eve, and I love Christmas Eve.

Last night I watched Meet Me In St Louis, and felt all the same happy and sad and sentimental feelings. I just love Judy Garland. I wanted to post this, my favourite Christmas song, but it won't allow me to embed it, so you don't get to see Judy's beautiful face while you read this. Instead I'll leave you with this, a Christmas song I love for very different reasons. Which reminds me, I have to gloat about a present I just opened: beautiful editions of Engels' On Marx and Socialism: Utopian And Scientific, and Marx's Wages, Price And Profit, from my wonderful fellow socialist friend. I love thoughtful presents.

Merry Christmas my lovelies. I hope whatever you do and wherever you are, Maggie Thatcher is burning.

Oh, and the first part is What did Adam say the day before Christmas?

(Judy Garland image 'Meet Me In St Louis' still from

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