Sunday, December 11, 2011

General Festivity

There's something festive about Irish music; I'm not sure what it is. Maybe they're just festive people (aha! Maybe I mean because they're so religious!). Anyway, The Pogues make a good Christmas music compromise, because I could play Christmas songs until the cows have gone out again, and Vincent could probably happily never ever listen to them (although he will grin and bear them for as long as he can). With The Pogues though, I can pretend they're Christmas songs and play Fairytale Of New York once for every three songs without anyone noticing (I don't think). See, I do try not to be selfish.

Anyway, Vincent played this when he was dj-ing the other night, and while I did get very very drunk, there were no fisticuffs or anything I was promising on Thursday; I just felt too happy. I drank, and danced, did a bad Eastern European accent, and had McDonalds for about the third time this week. And I think it did the trick; no longer am I The Grinch. Today we got up early to go to the Avondale markets with Dad and it felt so Christmassy; people weren't Christmas shopping (I think many probably don't observe Christmas) but the mixture of cultures and hustle and bustle were decidedly festive - the assault of colour from the hanging children's clothes, the smells of satay and fish (we bought flounder) and coconut, the different faces and languages, and then row upon row of fruit and vegetables (I couldn't help focussing on the red and white, just like at the video shop when all I seemed to pick up were covers with Christmas trees on them). There were so many flies buzzing around while we ate that it felt like mid-summer in spite of the absence of sun, and then my sister and I went down the road for a few and it felt as if we were on holiday.

I've been looking for new versions of my favourite Christmas songs and had been horribly disappointed... until I came across She & Him's Christmas album. For some reason I don't share the love affair with Zooey Deschanel that everyone else seems to be having; I think her voice is lovely but I find her a bit smug and smarty-pants (that's probably very unfair and partly based on the fact that her hair is always perfect), so I expected to hate this and the other songs I listened to, but I didn't. In fact, with the exception of a couple (one of which was I'll Be Home For Christmas, which hardly anybody gets right), I liked them very much. Maybe Zooey and I need to try again; maybe I am just jealous because she sings and has perfect hair and actual boobs and is named after a JD Salinger book (actually I don't know if that's true and I am not going to check her wikipedia page because I'm not that lame anymore, or at least I'm trying very hard not to be).

And just because we're feeling festive and honest, we will also listen to this song, which I think is a perfect cover for these two. (That switch to 'we' was weird; perhaps being magnanimous makes one speak like the queen.)

And end on the original because nine times out of ten, no matter how awesome a cover can be, the original is the best. Dad and I were listening to music while we cooked the flounder, singing along to Coast, and he said the same thing; you can't beat the original.

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