Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm So...

The Rena oil catastrophe. This timeline is useful as it cuts out a lot of the wibu-wibu. A "spill" can do this much damage, and yet we are allowing drilling to occur off our coast, because because oil is Texas Tea, and the US has nearly raped the middle east dry. I can bitch about them, and the government (and Labour) for failing to sufficiently protect the environment, but I would make a lot more difference if I changed some habits. I just read this about things that contain oil (strictly beeswax candles for me from now on), and I've decided to make some changes, starting with a pledge for the month.
For the rest of October I will:
1. Not accept any plastic bags from any shops.
2. Walk up to K'rd instead of being a lazy-bum and catching the bus.
3. I can't think of any more (that I don't already do and relate to oil. Help?).

Happy (and also sad):
Mils playing his century. With most public figures I don't think there is any responsibility to be a good role model, but the All Blacks are an exception, and I think Mils is a great role model and ambassador for rugby, NZ, and Samoa. I was so pleased to see him starting last night, and so sad to see his press conference today when he cried and said what a great experience he's had. And I'll be sad to see this ad go; it makes me giggle every time it's on (plus I'm a big fan of Up & Go). Malo Mils.

That the World Cup is diverting attention from the upcoming election and the fuck-ups National is getting away with while we're feeling all proud and happy and probably drunk. If I had to choose between winning the Cup and Labour having a fighting chance in the election, I would probably choose the latter (I hope the boys would understand). I was talking today to someone about the changes NZ has seen in the last year, and I was surprised and dismayed. I feel like a frog in a pot of gradually simmering water who is simultaneously playing that game where you have to bash the weasel on the head when it pops out of one of several holes. I'm really afraid that rather than doing something now, people are going to wait until things get much worse before they do something. And some things can never be returned once they've gone.

We watched both games at a bar last night with my darling friend who was born on this day, along with our other darling friend, twenty-eight years ago. It was lots of fun, even when I realised my commentary did the opposite of what it was meant to achieve and just highlighted my ignorance (I'm going back to critiquing hair and uniforms; I'm more than competent at that) and after we ascertained there was no alcohol in the jug of pink stuff we had asked for (for which my liver and brain were very grateful today, not least because we ate all of the fruit at the bottom just in case). So off I go to watch a movie in bed with my even-more-tired-than-I husband. Here's a great song, and here's to a good week.

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