Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drying Out

This is how I feel today; like wet jeans, slowly drying out from the beer and the wine and the bearded lady I drank last night. I woke up wearing nothing up top but my stockings and stripey socks still on the bottom, and felt very, very glad I don't get very drunk anymore. Vincent told me and our friends that bouncers checking ID this year can accept 1993-ers, which means I have been of age for Ten Years. Dolce et decorum est that I can nearly always put myself to bed after a night on the turps, and not always bring my mates Give-My-Opinions-On-Your-Relationship Mia, Dance-When-There-Isn't-A-Dancefloor Mia, and Fall-Asleep-In-The-Train/Bar/Cab Mia. When I awoke this morning I had a horrible feeling I had also taken along Pick-Fights-With-People-Trying-To-Help Mia, but Vincent's inquiring smile put my fears to rest.

I know my blogging habits have been very bad of late; rugby and family have kept me busy, and I've enjoyed both so much that I've given myself a break. However, this week I'm determined to get things back on track (including the food baby; it's been nice having the company but it's time for me to go it alone), so this is going to be a long post that doesn't link together very well; just bits that I've come across this week or have been floating around in my head.

My picks from stuff this week:
1. I'm ashamed to say I found this hilarious. It turned out it was a prank and that some girls had filled it with ice-cream (which is also quite funny), so not so much harm done. I think we got off lightly when we took the Jenga Queen to Valentines when she was about one and a half and were surprised to see her chewing gum... and then horrified to discover she had pulled it off the underside of the table. She was so proud of herself.
2. I say I hate idiots, but I don't really. Not when they do awesome things like this guy.
3. More evidence that cats are evil. (Warning: Don't look at this while eating, like I did.)
4. This protest excites me. The reporting is fairly vague but the message isn't, and there are more planned in other cities. I'd love to have one here; we're continually told how important it is for NZ to be part of the global economy, but it means if they go down, we do too. What's wrong with self-sufficiency? Oh that's right, it's only for hippies.

And Elsewhere:
1. This teacher is awesome! I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself, and teaching is one of my ideas. I would love to be like this guy.
2. I wish I could argue more like Jon Stewart and just let my opponents look like asses. Although my friend did say last night that although he disagrees with what I'm saying, the passion in my delivery is very compelling (yes I paraphrased).

I've been thinking a lot during the World Cup about how I fit into New Zealand and Samoa, and the problems that come with living in an immigrant country. I'm going to write a proper post about who New Zealanders are and why that's a nonsense term, but for now I'm just going to say I think I feel differently about being accepted as a "New Zealander". I'll still get riled and hurt when I have to tick a box that doesn't have NZ in front of it just because I'm not white, but I realise now that's not the solution. I'm Samoan, and while I've been shaped a certain way from being born and living my entire life away from Samoa, that's what I am. Watch this space: the post will be called What's In A Name. Unless I change my mind.

Lastly, two songs, one that's been in my head today and one that I've been listening to at work this week, and that I think fits Mt Roskill better than the Hollie Smith version (not to say I don't like hers; I do, and I know why they had to use it for No 2). Hope you're having a nice Sunday afternoon (and that no more All Blacks are injured, and no more Samoans fined).

PS Have you seen The Darjeeling Limited? I love Rushmore so much but I think T.D.L. is my favourite of Wes Anderson's films. It's brilliant.

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