Wednesday, September 14, 2011

RWC is A-OK!

I just found out the Japanese rugby team is called the Brave Blossoms. I love this. Vincent stopped by our local TAB pub on his way home to watch the last five minutes of the Tonga vs Canada game and had his best World Cup moment so far; a man in his seventies coming out, raising his hands and crying Samoa! with tears running down his face, professing his love for all and then leaving with an emphatic and tearful God Bless Everybody. I wish I'd been there, but I'm afraid I then would have been introducing Jimmy to an uncle/aunty. Sunday is going to be fantastic, and considering how noisy we both can be, it's funny to know we'll probably be the quietest Samoa supporters there. Wales were brilliant on Sunday, and I wanted them to win so much, but this week they are the enemy and I want them to go down.

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