Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Little Realisation

Vincent and I just watched an episode of the BBC series All Too Human, the one about Sartre, and I realised something that, strangely, has never actually occurred to me before. I'm a philosopher! Maybe you knew that, but I didn't; I know I spend a lot of time mulling over things (henceforth to be known as philosophising) and trying to figure out how the new things I discover affect my life etc etc, but I've never really thought of that as being what my heroes (and anti-heroes) did, or that just because the people I know who think about things don't identify as philosophers doesn't mean I can't. It's made me feel very happy, and that my job is not just passing time, and it's made me realise how important it is to talk about important things with people I respect. I'm reminded of when (before Singh's success) an uncle told my sister that the only difference between Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods was a million dollars; I think the only difference between the afternoons my sister, Vincent and I have spent at the pub discussing social issues and Sartre and his friends at their cafe is that nobody really listens to us. (Which is a very big difference.)

Anyway, I don't expect this realisation to change my blog much, except maybe in that I might have a bit more confidence to say things, like I have the right to say them. My next post, about amor fati, was something I actually started writing last week but didn't get to finish. With this blog, and my job, and my lifestyle, I have the luxury of seeing lots of things and getting the time to figure out how I feel about them, and what they mean. Now I think maybe that gives me some responsibility, to chuck on things to you so you can see what you think, even if its just a reaction to what I thought. I'm always interested to know what you guys think too, so please comment when you want to, or email me. I've always preferred the opinions of those who agree with me, but I'd like to change that; I think maybe when I took up debating I never really let it go and have always thought it's about persuasion. Also we finished watching Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster today, and I'm enjoying the idea that something completely mundane can inspire... something that is only mostly mundane. Or vehement disdain, a la my favourite philosopher, the inimitable Richy.

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